Aloes D’eden written by Herve Senni out of the Release Positive Grooves

Hervé Senni – Aloes D’eden

The song aloes d’eden integrates many different music styles. Bossa-nova like for the primary theme, that is usually made up over a particularly melodic chord development in the flavor of Antonio Carlos Jobim. The second part is in fact a solo vamp in 7/4 in the real style of progressive rock or electro jazz.

My third album “Positive Grooves” is available in streaming and as well download ınternet sites.

The music principle of this excellent lp is totally completely different from the two others. I made the decision to peek into a diverse strategy to writing

The target is upon tune and grooves. The acoustic guitar solos are usually negligible on intent. The counter-top melody is definitely more essential and in advance. The acoustic guitar solo can be utilized as a background, and consequently straightforward.

We also used more comfortable, and less aggressive electric guitar tones and orchestrations are purer than my usual productions. Never even more than three electric guitars at the same time and then guitar effects are arranged lower to hear the actual tone of the guitar.

Mainly because usual, almost all the acoustic guitar used are custom made electric guitars built by me. The bass guitar parts are performed with my much loved Squier Bass guitar vi and drums parts performed by genuine drum players by employing the astonishing tool EZdrummer.

Genre: Jazz
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