Beat – Danton Cue

Danton Cue is my pseudonym for more commercial music to make a difference with the other more advanced stuff I’m publishing under my real name.

If I had decided this earlier, I would have published albums such as “Lifestyle” and “Wrecked Express” under that name.

All the songs featured on those three albums were composed and produced to be sold as copyright free music for soundtrack videos and alike. They are less personnal than my regular music production.

It was more a challenge to compose in various music styles and to stick to it while keeping the music sound.

The Beat album regroups songs in the style of electro-rock and ambiance music.

Like in each of my other albums, I performed every instrument except drums. For the drum parts, I used an Eazydrummer plugin that uses drums parts performed by real drummers and sampled drum sounds. I never ever used any quantize on any of my music production. I actually don’t know how to use it.

Here’s a list of most of the site where you can listen to the album for free

Beat on Spotify

Beat at Deezer

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