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Hypeddit: Advanced SmartLink service… And more!

Nowadays, you need to advertise to be heard on the internet. The days you could make it just by ranking in Google’s top10 are over. 

One of the actual hip techniques in music marketing is known under the name of SmartLink.


There are many SmartLink services out there, including free ones like songwhip. Those services create pages on auto featuring all the streaming platforms where each song and albums are published.

Pro SmartLink services such as Hypeddit allow you to customize the page to display your choice of streaming sites and custom links. You can also track every link on the page.

Pro SmartLink services work with Facebook, Google, and TikTok tracking pixels. Using this type of service to manage your ad campaigns is crucial.

There are many alternatives to that

I tried many:

  1. WordPress plugin
  2. Your site
  3. Free alternatives
  4. Pro services

WordPress plugin/Your site

HypedditThe two techniques sound similar, but the plugins are paid solutions that offer the same type of service a SmartLink site does. You have to host it on a WordPress site.

You can also do it all by yourself, on a WordPress site, using free plugins and lots of coding. Or any kind of support. WordPress being the number 1 website platform, the amount of paid and free plugins developed for it is huge. You can find free alternatives and build the SmartLink page you want. 

Free alternatives

Free alternatives are not interesting to run advertising campaigns. I use them all, the likes of songwhip, hypperfollow, etc., but you cannot rely on them to manage your career. They are only good to drive traffic to your songs/albums and create density around your keywords. They do not handle tracking pixels and stats are limited (hypperfollow) or non-existent (songwhip).

pro competitors

I tested a bunch, Toneden, feature.fm, Hypeddit.

To test them, you have to set up the pixel in Facebook. It’s not difficult, but it’s a pain to set up.

 Pro Smartlink service

Before setting up anything, I compared offers.

  • Hypeddit 9$/month
  • Features.fm 17$/month
  • Toneden 50$/month…

It’s easy to understand why I opted for Hypeddit. Toneden’s free account being so limited, it appeared evident that I needed a paid service sooner or later. After testing Toneden with a free account, and creating my own SmartLink page using free plugins, I decided to join Hypeddit.

No time to lose setting up an offer I won’t buy. No way I would pay 50$/month, no matter how good the offer is. Toneden is certainly really good, and the massive price difference might be justified. But this price range is not for me. It is intended for big producers who manage an extensive catalog of groups.


I am pleasantly surprised. The site is fast, and smartlinks are easy to manage.

There are also lots of other tools such as:

Share Music

  • Download Gate
  • Link Gate
  • Smart Link
  • Pre-Release Smart Link
  • Loud Link
  • Facebook Tab

Promote Music

  • Fan promotion
  • Promotion exchange
Here are some pages I made:

Smartlink WordPress plugin VS Hypeddit

SmartLink WordPress plugins are paid applications, and the fee is close to Pro Smartlink services. On top of it, you have to host it, and that is where the problem comes in. 

The heavy traffic you get from a Facebook campaign will crash the server on a cheap hosting plan such as mine.

I tried, and my site resource got limited right away by my host. The site was slow, and so was the SmartLink page. 

>>> Hands Down Hypeddit Is the Best Solution <<<

With a paid-hosted SmartLink solution, they handle the bandwidth, and all the technical aspects. I only have to focus on my ad campaigns. 

Nowadays, it is more and more interesting to use hosted services for every internet need instead of hosting it yourself. Forum, pictures, videos, files, etc. 

It is trouble-free and, most of the time, cheaper than a self-hosted solution. 

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