Important sites You Must Use to Run Your Online Career in Music

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Important sites to run an online career in music

When you are like me, an unknown musician, the only way to be successful online is to become known online. It’s easy for musicians who have a name to be successful online, their name is a really strong keyword. Before thinking of making money with your music, you must first concentrate all your efforts on becoming famous. Or at least known in your niche… Then the money will come.

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There are tons of social sites that help to boost your career and bring real new fans. There are many, most of them are not good. And the good ones need to be updated regularly. 

I want this list as complete as possible, so I include them all. Most of them, you might already have accounts to them, but you might find some unknown to you, or ways to use them you didn’t expect. 

Actually, this page lists everything I should do… LOL or complete. This page will help me organize better and analyze results.

Basic Crucial sites to run

  • YouTube: It is utterly important to run a YouTube channel, updated regularly with quality content. As a musician YouTube is our number one tool. It allows you to create a community and to talk to them. 
  • Distrokid : to be listed on streaming platforms you need to be distributed. Distrokid is the best and the cheapest of them all. You need one, take the best. 
  • Facebook: Official account, page & groups. You must run a FB page listing your activities. As soon as you start to have a following you must run a FB group. This is the best way to get in contact with our fans and to paste tons of affiliate links everywhere. 
  • Instagram: Pictures & videos. I never really used this site. Need to work on it
  • twitter: post all your links. I never really used this site. Need to work on it

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Tools All the tools I use to promote my music.

  • : this site creates on the fly a page listing all your songs or albums with links to every streaming platform. 
  • Send your music to curators
  • Distrovid:New service from Distrokid. I just signed up. I’ll write an article about it really soon.

  As a rule, you must take advantage of all the streaming sites allowing you to have and edit a profile page. The ranking is totally different from one site to another. Basing your efforts only on Spotify is not good. You must promote everything.

Traffic Software

GSA Search Engine Ranker: Only to submit satellite pages like hyper follow pages, social media accounts, Tumblr, etc. Never directly to my domains. I will develop that later.

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Distrokid Services

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All those free services are included in the Distrokid offer.

  • HyperFollow is the easiest way to make pages that have your music, videos, social media links, and more—for free. 
  • Promo cards: Generate promo content on the fly. Really handy to run a blog or post on Facebook, twitter, etc. 
  • Playlist Spotlight: Submit your song and vote for it. To be submitted to a Distrokid playlist on Spotify. It’s hard to get listed and the song stays on less than 24 hours… For those who want to create a bot. 
  • Vizi Music video generator: creates on-the-fly videos to promote your content. Same as Promo Cards, but for cell phones. 

It is important to keep in mind that the only way you can succeed is consistency. There is not a single trick online that does not require work with regular updates.

You must update all your social sites and blogs regularly
But the way to write the content is crucial

First and foremost, you must know perfectly the rules of writing for the internet. In terms of keyword density, etc. Then, you must write about yourself in order for people to know you. What’s important is to use strong keywords that deliver traffic to your site. 

Nobody is going to Google Hervé Senni, but lots of people are going to google Pat Matheney or Ritchie Blackmore. Therefore, writing an article about the influence I got from these two players will drive traffic to my site. 

It will also explain my music and contribute to adding data to my brand.

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It is important to update everything regularly. 

You can write about your music only or whatever you are doing as a hobby as well. The important thing is, every time you write an article you must think of a really strong keyword to get traffic from.  I can write about all the great musicians I have loved for ages and get lots of traffic from that. But I can also write about my favorite books and movies. The better known they are, the more traffic I’ll get. The only thing is to start with the keyword. Google it and look at the number of results. There are also tools to measure the importance of the KW.

Keyword Tools

Alternative to Distrokid

  • You can monetize your account with Repost by SoundCloud.
  • Bandcamp.comOther alternatives to Distokid. A nice way to get in touch with a new crowd and distribute your work.
  • Same as Bandcamp. Please don’t use any of the paid options. Only use it as a visit card.

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music promotion tool

Not all of them are fully developed up to now. Iam going to start the list from top and finish them all. I am going to write an article about each step, with screen caps and results.

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