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Concerning me:

I got well over 10 lps released via the internet in various music styles, right from classical to rock and anything and everything in between. I am definitely attracted in modern rock in addition to fusion music which includes a interest for funk and massive grooves. I am certainly not stuffed in a exclusive kind of music.

I’m an open-minded guitarist. I do think you can perform amazing melodies with every form of music available. There are only two styles of music: the good one and the bad one. I just play with my heart, and I don’t aim to stay with a style or stand out using my chops.

I just perform what comes out of my mind. If I love it, I release it. I aim to keep every single recording carrying out a idea to have an total accord, unison, union, concord, unanimity. A number of my lps are smooth, many are jazz; some are heavy. It’s under your control. What you wish to hear according to your day.

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