Mahalo – Hervé Senni instrumental album

Mahalo – Hervé Senni Album availbale in Streaming

Mahalo is the latest Hervé Senni Album available in Streaming, distributed by BoitaKK Prod.
The virtual CD features the latest songs he wrote for the soundtrack business he was involved in, in 2017/2018.

Mahalo features a collection of songs in different music styles.

  • Ambibella: Ambiance song using distorted guitar to play a simple repetitive melody over an atmospheric synth background. The distorted guitar does not render an aggressive mood to the music. The heavy sound is softened with a spatial delay.
  • Mahalo: Overdub of various string instruments such as mandolin, mandola, Ukulele, Ubass, Irish bouzouki.
  • Cool Picking and Resonator: this trio tune features a backing track with an acoustic guitar in fingerpicking and bass, accompanying a guitar solo performed on a resonator guitar.
  • Caribbean: was written a while ago. It was sleeping into a folder under the shape of music sheets. The arrangement was recorded as it was written, performing every part using different instruments. A nice jazzy solo was improvised. The accordion part was recorded using a guitar synth.
  • Folk: an acoustic guitar duo. Improvised solo played on a cherished chord progression used in many of his songs.
  • Arpeggio Suite: Another old partition that was recorded as it was written years ago for the intro. The classical part. Senni had the idea to make two new different versions using electric guitars and modern background. The three bit chained together are making a pleasant musical crescendo.
  • Reverie: is another orchestral work recorded using symphonic applications. It was performed on the keyboard and corrected in midi.
  • Cool Picking Wah Resonator: The same background as the first version, but the lead is different. Instead of using a resonator guitar with a clean sound, he used the same resonator with a wah effect.
  • Blues: is a medium swing nylon guitar duo in a blues in F.
  • Uke: is an upbeat song featuring an electric and acoustic ukulele and an electric guitar playing a counter melody using a bottleneck.
  • Up Sweep: is another song with an upbeat tempo using various strings instruments. Acoustic guitar, Ukulele, synth guitar, and an electric guitar using a bottleneck. It has a refreshing and positive feeling.
  • Yeehaw: is an old country and western written years ago in the 80s as a joke. It is hilarious and will be used as a song with lyrics on his oncoming album where he sings in Thaï. Nice and demanding guitar solo played on a custom-built telecaster that was quite challenging to perform.

The album’s cover picture was taken at Mae Kuang Dam Lookout Point, Luang Nuea, Doi Saket District, Chiang Mai in 2020 by Hervé Senni. You can read the article on his traveling blog (in french only) following this link.

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