Atom Metal – Senni Music @ Spotify

Atom Metal is extracted from my very own artist account at Spotify It is easy to stream my song selections without spending a penny to all the platforms mentioned beneath.You can also purchase song(s)/album(s) if you’d like to hear my audio tracks off-line. Concerning me: You will find throughout ten cds released via the internet… Continue reading

Coolaboola – Senni Music @ Spotify

Coolaboola is extracted right frommy own artist account at Spotify You can stream my music free of cost to all the platforms outlined down the page.You can also purchase song(s)/album(s) if you need to listen to my audio tracks offline. Concerning me: There are through ten cds published on-line in various music styles, right from… Continue reading

Senniac Seven – Senni Music @ Spotify

Senniac Seven is extracted out ofmy personal composer membership at Spotify You’re able to stream my music for zilch to all the platforms mentioned below.You can also buy song(s)/album(s) if you need to listen to my music file offline. Concerning me: There are all over ten lps circulating on-line in various music styles, from classical… Continue reading

Aloes D’eden written by Herve Senni out of the Release Positive Grooves

Hervé Senni – Aloes D’eden

The song aloes d’eden integrates many different music styles. Bossa-nova like for the primary theme, that is usually made up over a particularly melodic chord development in the flavor of Antonio Carlos Jobim. The second part is in fact a solo vamp in 7/4 in the real style of progressive rock or electro jazz.

My third album “Positive Grooves” is available in streaming and as well download ınternet sites.

The music principle of this excellent… Continue reading

No Guitar Allowed!!!

No Guitar Allowed!!! Vol 1

No Guitar Allowed!!! Vol 1 is an album featuring my work on all the Non-guitar I’ve built or own. I have developed my playing using a mandolin, mandola, mandocello, ukulele, acoustic and electric, as well as Ubass and Irish bouzouki.

All the songs on this album are using a mix of those instruments. There’s only one song that features a regular guitar, but I use it tuned in open G, and I play it with… Continue reading

Beat – Danton Cue

Danton Cue is my pseudonym for more commercial music to make a difference with the other more advanced stuff I’m publishing under my real name.

If I had decided this earlier, I would have published albums such as “Lifestyle” and “Wrecked Express” under that name.

All the songs featured on those three albums were composed and produced to be sold as copyright free music for soundtrack videos and alike. They are less personnal than my regular music production.

It was… Continue reading

Seven Course Meal

The ninth Hervé Senni’s album is out. This progressive jazz album is a concept album. All the songs are in 7/8 meters, and they are all interpreted using the same two custom guitars that I build.

A fretless guitar sporting a sustainiac system and a 24 frets neck thru also holding a sustainiac device.

The purpose of such limitation is to create a group sound. Each guitar forces me to play entirely differently, and therefore, the outcome sounds like a… Continue reading

Wrecked Express

Wrecked Express was released in June 2017, following the success of my earlier albums as Secret Room Sessions, Keep It Simple and Start Me Up. As with my previous albums, this is another concept album. But here, I have experimented, not just with the interplay of loud guitars and drums but have incorporated the drums and guitars with the old genres played rock style. This album will take you on a music journey that will traipse the 50’s; the 70’s… Continue reading


Pop Rock Lifestyle Album – Instrumental Music by Hervé Senni

Pop Rock Music – Instrumental Music Collection The album Lifestyle regrous13 original instrumental pieces composed and interpreted by the multi-instrumentalist Hervé Senni.

It’s his seventh album he’s been distributing over the past two years.

Lifestyle is more accessible and easy to listen than the first six albums. It is a bright rock pop that offers a peaceful and bluesy mood.

The tunes picked for this album were designed to be… Continue reading


Backyard regroups a collection of ten original songs exploring the electro-jazz and funk-jazz styles.

These songs were first intended to be on sale on music licensing websites. And they are. If you want to use them on your project, you can buy them following this link. But after uploading a huge batch of songs, I decided to regroup the ones that fit well together and to create an Electro-jazz album.

All the songs have been composed and produced fast. in… Continue reading

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