Herve Senni Albums

The song "For Bee " is a heartfelt tribute to my wife, Bee. It's been a difficult time for me
The Secret Room Rebirth Yep, You heard right! I'm going to release music daily starting Sunday. This is a fresh
Testing the Secret Room Home Studio I have been testing my home studio for days. Postponed by my mother's funeral.
Hervé Senni Plays the Blues & Destroys the Chair That video is getting some love on my Youtube channel (see
The Secret Room Studio is about to Release New Content! Waiting for the last few bits of equipment to be
No Guitar Allowed!!! Full-length album I released a full-length video of the complete album. A playlist in a video. I'm
Herve Senni Mix Vol1 I released a mix of 20 of my official music videos created over the years, from
Official video of the song Ghatam The song is from the album No Guitar Allowed!!!", published in 2017. It has
"Easy Going" is Doing Great on Social Medias Recently, I started to promote my music using Facebook Meta and Google
Facebook ads - Or the impossible quest to distribute ads to America for an artist located outside north America I
Hypeddit: Advanced SmartLink service... And more! Nowadays, you need to advertise to be heard on the internet. The days you
Doomer & ElectroJazz music I just made a new playlist to promote my EletroJazz work (or Acid jazz, name it
Listen to my ElectroJazz Playlist 11 songs, 40 min 29 sec I made a playlist of All my electrojazz songs
Apple Music Videos  Thanks to Distrovid, my Apple Music artist account now features monetized videos.  You can watch for free
HervSenniVEVO Channel Newly distributed by Distrovid, my VEVO page is now live. You can listen to all my instrumental videos
Testing Distrovid $99/yr. - brand-new service from Distrokid Distovid is a brand-new service that publishes your music videos and monetizes
Testing Repost by SoundCloud - Article completed - Stay away from that crap I disabled renewal after a month of
Top 3 of the week Here Come the Guns, Jumping Fleas and Galaxy Drops got their 10000th counts. Jumping Fleas & Here
Important sites to run an online career in music When you are like me, an unknown musician, the only way
Free music links - link to over 14 music streaming platforms I just stumbled on this gem a few minutes