Seven Course Meal

seven course mealThe ninth Hervé Senni’s album is out.
This progressive jazz album is a concept album.
All the songs are in 7/8 meters, and they are all interpreted using the same two custom guitars that I build.

A fretless guitar sporting a sustainiac system and a 24 frets neck thru also holding a sustainiac device.

The purpose of such limitation is to create a group sound. Each guitar forces me to play entirely differently, and therefore, the outcome sounds like a group featuring two different guitar player, instead of the same musician overdubbing himself repeatedly, which is what it is.

Also for the drums parts, I only used pattern played by the same drummer, Magnus Brandell and I also used the same drum sound and the same effect and mastering.

Some of the songs like Seven Relaxabrate, Seven Brunette, and RDC are old songs that were originally written in 4/4. The other songs were written for that album, based on grooves or sounds.

You can listen to the entire album for free on most streaming sites or download it on websites such as iTunes and alike.

Links to stream or to download Seven Course Meal

and many more….

Seven Course Meal on Spotify

Seven Course Meal at Deezer

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