Testing Repost by SoundCloud for one year

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Testing Repost by SoundCloud

– Article completed –

Stay away from that crap I disabled renewal after a month of fighting windmill

Having been distributed by Distrokid since 2014, I decided to try Repost by SoundCloud program. I am not looking to change distributors but to add more streaming platforms to increase coverage and of course streams.
I am writing this article simultaneously as I am creating my account. I am going to update this article regularly. So, stay tuned and come back often. I am the guinea pig for you all.

You can monetize your SoundCloud account by using Repost by SoundCloud or SoundCloud Pro Unlimited.

>>>Distribute your music with DISTROKID<<<

Repost by SoundCloud
Repost by SoundCloud

They have 3 different offers.

  • SoundCloud Basic: 3 hours upload and access to base insights. FREE
  • Repost by SoundCloud: Distribute your tracks on all primary music services. Grow your audience with promotional tools. Benefit from premium services to help you earn income, Return income to your employees. 2.50$/month if paid yearly
  • SoundCloud Pro Unlimited: everything is included in the lower packages plus: Unlock unlimited upload time. Earn fair revenue based on listening. Access advanced audience insights. Replace your title without losing stats. Pin your favorite titles. 12$/month if paid yearly

Earn fair revenue based on listening. This is an exciting line!!!

Difference between Repost by SoundCloud at 2.50$/month and SoundCloud Pro Unlimited 12$:

With the cheapest option, you cannot use Soundcloud PM. You cannot modify your personnel site, and you cannot edit the player and many other small details that do not seem that interesting.
The only option I find interesting in the pro-option is to use the Soundcloud PM. Considering the size of the site. If you intend to do heavy intern promotion (spamming), it’s certainly something to consider.
Soundcloud is one of the most established music sites there is. If I am displeased by their services after one year of testing, I can downgrade to SoundCloud Basic.
I will start with the Repost by SoundCloud offer, and I can still upgrade later.

>>> Hervé Senni YouTube Channel<<<

I enrolled on: 07/15/22. I waited two days to upload anything

Repost Soundcloud admin

Repost by SoundCloud

  • You cannot use PayPal to sign up. Only credit card.

The cool thing is you can select the sites to distribute your work. Since I’m already distributed by Distrokid, it will avoid conflicts.

Nice tricks for artists using Distrokid/Repost Sound Cloud:

When releasing a new album, use Distrokid first but do not select the paying option Shazam and Youtube music anymore. Submit to Shazam and Youtube Content ID using the Repost Sound Cloud Account instead. They are both included in the price. At Distrokid, Shazam is 1$/song, and the Google tracking fee is the most expensive of the extras.

  • Distrokid:19$/year, 100% royalties
  • Repost by SoundCloud: 30$/year, 80% royalties

The Repost by SoundCloud offer is less attractive.
Distrokid is cheaper and takes no money from your royalties. Shazam and YouTube Content ID are “nice” small advantages.
I am not trying to compare both services. It’s like e-commerce. If you are selling online, is it better to sell on eBay or Amazon? You can make money on each one, but why not sell on both? I lose 20%, but considering I am only going to submit to publishers not available at Distrokid, it’s only extra money. And an excellent way to add platforms to your promotion arsenal.

>>>Distribute your music with DISTROKID<<<

  • Upload is really slow compared to Spotify. It takes ages to upload a song. Even a pic.

Here is a screencap of the Distribution page.

Repost by SoundCloud

I am adding 12 new streaming platforms to my catalog, plus the monetized Sound Cloud Page. All the unselected sites are already published via Distrokid.

The submission date 40 days ahead seems strange, and I opted for the 1 of august. I don’t know why I cannot publish my music immediately, especially for a piece that has already been issued for years.

I got a message saying that after my first submission is approved, I will be able to submit freely.

Now I am waiting for my approval to continue. It might take up to 3, or 4 days…

Up to now, this has been really slow, and I find the overly long process useless. Time will tell. Let’s wait for it to be approved.

Today 07/20/22

Five days later, my first album is under review. 3 of my songs are listed on the YouTube content ID page. 

>>>Hervé Senni Streaming Platform<<<

Until my album is reviewed, every new submission is going to be in Draft status, so I wait until I get reviewed.

07/23/22: my album has been approved

The album is set to be published on 08/01.

Can’t wait to see what my personal page and player look like.

You have to enable one by one each track for Content ID

On 07/26/22, I received a copyright claim from YouTube

A content ID copyright owner has claimed some material in your video concerning the song Gypsie Run.

The claim is from RepostNetwork, so I guess it’s the usual process to benefit from the YouTube Content ID service. I wonder why I only received one song when they accepted 5… I think I am going to receive a mail for each one. 

Since I received the same claim for all my songs published on YouTube concerning all the pieces published on the Repost network.

08/01/22 I’m Live

I don’t see any differences in my admin, and none of my published work appears on my SoundCloud page. I only have the old songs I uploaded a while ago.

I couldn’t find links to my songs anywhere in the admin. But since they are published today, I guess I have to wait for my links to populate and my pages to be created…

I received no email concerning my publishing. The admin is minimal, I changed to the new Beta display, but It’s exactly the same as the other admin, just a different look.

Monetize SoundCloud

On the SoundCloud setting page, I had to activate monetization for all the old songs already featured in my free SoundCloud account. I expect my recently published work to appear on that list. Logically I shouldn’t have to activate monetization again because it’s already selected with the YouTube Content ID system when I uploaded the songs.

Promotional Tools

On the Promotion page, click on Promotional Tools. 

Select: Smart Links

Smart links are landing pages for your tracks—the same service as Hyperfollow Pages and Whipsong.com.

You can create a page with links to major platforms.

It’s always good to have extra quality URLs to promote and add weight to your name on Google. 

Here is a page I created for the song Gypsie run using the repost smart links option.

Sound Cloud

Repost by SoundCloud
Repost by SoundCloud

I don’t understand why my new songs are not appearing on my Soundcloud account. In my repost admin, the new pieces appear live on the releases page, and my old songs in SoundCloud are showing in my repost admin and are monetized.
When I go to the SoundCloud page, I only see old songs, and my account still looks like a free account, and I even have the link to upgrade to what I am trying to use, the pro account.

I couldn’t find anywhere to manage my SoundCloud page or where to get each song’s player. There’s not even a support link or a FAQ!
The site is useless up to now. On top of it, it is extra slow for everything, uploading a pic, a song, or even saving a simple form.

I cannot track anything now; the new songs were published yesterday.
I was in a hurry to upload my entire catalog, but now I will wait for that thing to work.

I couldn’t find a place to activate my pro account on SoundCloud on both sites. The only thing I can do is wait to see how my account will look in a few days!

Twenty-four hours later, nothing had changed. I have zero links, zero player code, and none of all the promo tools and services we are supposed to get.
I hope the system is slow and everything will get back in order within a few days. But I enrolled on: 07/15/22, and up to now, the service is questionable for speed and support, and they also failed to deliver most promo tools advertised. I’m starting to have significant doubts about this product.

Promo tools

You only have access to the smart link service if you don’t publish on Spotify and apple music using Repost by SoundCloud.

I decided to cancel the renewal

At the end of my subscription my pro account will be erased

I am not going to upload any new songs.

Please, do yourself a favor, avoid this service at all cost. Sign up only if you want to lose 30$. Repost by SoundCloud is the most useless service you can find online.

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