The Secret Room Sessions

The Secret Room Sessions
album sports 13 original compositions recorded in my studio nicknamed the secret room studio, which consequently explains the name of the album.

The Secret Room Sessions album is an instrumental jazz fusion album.

I wrote those songs between 1985 and 2015. I composed most of them for my seven piece fusion band which I was performing with, in Canada and France between 1985 and 2010. I rearranged those pieces to be playable with guitars only.

I also composed some tunes while I was recording, based either on old ideas or inspiration I had while improvising in my studio.

There is no midi programming whatsoever in any tune featured on this album. I have played every part, performing guitar and bass tracks. For the drums part, I used the amazing plugging EZdrummer. The neat thing about this plugging is that real drummers play the drum parts, and the drum set up sound used are also utilizing real drum samples. It gives a fantastic outcome to the music. I own a lot of drum pattern files so that I can face any music style with real drumming.

The album is available on every online music platform where you can either listen to it for free in streaming or download it for a small amount of money.

Album On Spotify

Album On Deezer

  1. Funk It
  2. Reggaecaster
  3. Morning Glories
  4. Pyramid
  5. Potion Magique
  6. Soupe Du Jour
  7. Moustache de Baleine
  8. A la Claire Funktaine
  9. General Fraise

Here are some links where you can get access to the secret room sessions album

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