Wrecked Express

Wrecked ExpressWrecked Express was released in June 2017, following the success of my earlier albums as Secret Room Sessions, Keep It Simple and Start Me Up. As with my previous albums, this is another concept album. But here, I have experimented, not just with the interplay of loud guitars and drums but have incorporated the drums and guitars with the old genres played rock style. This album will take you on a music journey that will traipse the 50’s; the 70’s up until the present style in pure, hard core rock music.

This 11-track album will take you on a journey of the different settings of American life: Herve Senni successfully holds your hand as you accompany him from the shrill clangor metal strings in the Ouverture to the seeming chaos of that small neighborhood rumble, to the laid-back beat of Hard Time Rock. Listening to it reminded me of some 70’s beat rock music that I had heard growing up, and it gave a nostalgic feeling knowing that that was ages ago. Still, something in the music says you are here in the now and not 40 years back.

Walking on Air, though still metal, is straightforward on the ears gives you a picture of an idyllic country scene. Junior Shuffle, is semi-rock, with a reggae beat, typical also of the 70’s and 80’s rock music. You will love the cool tempo, not too fast or too slow, but a beat.
Hear the organ as you tap your fingers to the beat of the Blues
Crashing, as you are transported to the likes of Ray Charles and company. Rock Ops showcases guitar playing at its best, with the bass and lead alternating, distinct and very masterfully played strings.

The carrier single, Wrecked Express, provides a fusion of sound that would make you anticipate what is going to happen next. Revel in the music as it builds upon the power of the instruments played.

Wrecked Express brings us to a musical journey bound by the sounds of hard metal: it unveils a story, intertwined with rock music. Senni proves that rock doesn’t just mean banging of drums and loud music (though this album has plenty of it). Rock music can, in fact, be “heard” and even remembered.

Wrecked Express just goes to show that rock music has in fact been with us and will stay with us as he has successfully included rock in jazz, country, and reggae.

Whether or not you are a Metal Rock listener, you will enjoy listening to this musical journey. The instrumental songs have been carefully selected to create a whole story, the
American Metal Rock Story.

If you want to hear more of Wrecked Express, check me out on Deezer, Spotify, Google play, Amazon, and others. I have composed my songs so that they will live on and be heard by generations to come. Check me out!

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