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The Secret Room Studio Reopening

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The Secret Room Studio is about to Release New Content!

Waiting for the last few bits of equipment to be fully operational. 

I stopped everything a few months ago to analyze my career thoroughly. Also, I decided to solve the technical aspect of shooting videos/recording music process once and for all. 

I cannot be operational if every time I shoot/Record, I have to worry about where the cameras are, how to light the scene, or even worse. Where are the gears?

The studio must be set and ready to roll when I hit Record.

The plan is as follows:

  • Sync three cameras and high-quality audio in one take.
  • Have two different spots ready to film.
  1. One for Playing
  2. One in front of pc shooting angle.
  • Control recording using my tablet.
  • Control my two pedalboards and reverb with my tablet.

Miss Lucy

I spent the day wiring the studio. I’m exhausted!

Lol, I wouldn’t say I like wires with passion. You should be around when I try to untangle a pack of wires; you’d learn a bunch of french insults!

Miss Lucy is waiting for the show. She enjoys music. Same as my other cat Lucas. They always stay around when I play.

Everything’s wired, but I didn’t try anything. The surprise is for tomorrow.

After all this work on all four, I am too tired to cope with a breakdown.

I still have to do

  • Installing effect software on my tablet
  • Setting up the three cameras. (Still missing one)
  • Setting up audio recording on the video pc. 
  • Properly stretch the green screen.
  • Learn how to control both PCs with my tablet.

Lots of work ahead.

I hope to be ready by next week.

In the meantime, check out my YT channel. There are already 100s of videos to watch

>>>Hervé Senni YouTube Channel<<<

Message from Bee


11/28/22 first test

I still have to do
  • Installing effect software on my tablet. It doesn’t work. The only effect of having an app for android is the reverb!!
  • Setting up audio recording on the video PC.  Done. Easy, I just wired the headphone stereo output of my laptop’s soundcard to the line input of my other PC, running video software.
  • Properly stretch the green screen. My solution was terrible. I ordered regular support with two tripods. 
  • Learn how to control both PCs with my tablet. Easy! I changed my setup and moved my DAW laptop to the playing scene to replace my unusable tablet. Now I run my DAW and all the effects & pedalboard apps from the music laptop. I use the tablet to manage shooting. I am using Chrome remote desktop to launch the shooting.

First test with a guitar & without my pants

Tomorrow, I promise I will put it on. I don’t know if it will change the sound, but I think it will look better.

The last ten days have been rough

I lost my beloved mother, who died from a wrong food route on 04/12/22 and was suffering from Alzheimer’s. 

I am now back on track. 

Normally I should release a new song this week, and I’ve been working on this song for months.

The last six months have been different… I spent my time analyzing my career and taking stock of everything. I find it strange that this long introspection ends with my mother’s disappearance. Life’s tough.

I found the resources necessary to resurface. My mom is not suffering anymore. I’m still not a believer, which makes things harder to bear. Life goes on, and the only thing I know how to do is music. Rock on

17/12/22 Finally

The final setting. I have tried many camera setups.

Three webcams of the same brand. The supposedly best webcam; the Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam. I wanted a better-quality of image. 

The good side of things. Pinnacle Studio 26’s multi-camera software does a good job. 

Then I tried to use my Sony SV-1. It works well, and I still plan to use it for close-ups, but the difference in image quality is significant with any other cams. The Sony is way darker and cannot be controlled with Pinnacle Studio 26’s multi-camera software. It works only as a cam. 

I also tried to use my Canon eos 4000d. The image was great, but I couldn’t control it with the Pinnacle Studio 26’s multi-camera software.

I also tried to use my DJI Osmo Pocket 1 Camera. The image and even sound for recording speech are excellent. But it’s impossible to control it with my desktop unless I invest in a wifi card. 

Finally, I ordered an INSTA360 LINK, THE AI-POWERED 4K WEBCAM. It’s a beast, and I see it as a DJI cam. Same image quality and sound, but controllable on PC. 

After testing every possible setting to use multi-cameras, my room is too small to have more than one camera. I cannot have different angles at the same time. And even if I could, I would have to invest in other Instan360 webcams to have the same image quality. 

The room is so tiny; It’s a waste of money. I’m back to one camera. The following mode of the webcam replaces multi-cameras handily.

Now… for how long?

  • I am controlling my effects with the music laptop.
  • The latest Realtek (R) Audio update creates a bug with webcam and audio connections. Luckily, I had a Behringer UCA222 soundcard.
  • Tripod is excellent and solves the problem of the green screen. 
  •  Chrome remote desktop is a PITA. I am using TeamViewer to launch video recordings. 

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