Half-Time Rosie

Announcing the Pre-Save Campaign for “Half-Time Rosie

Half-Time Rosie The pre-save campaign for releasing my new instrumental song, “Half-Time Rosie,” is started. The…

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Slow Motion @ Audiomark

Slow Motion is getting some love @ Audiomark Cooooooooool! Written long time ago released in 2021.…

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Hervé Senni Favorites

Herve Senni Favorites @ Spotify

Hervé Senni Favorites Playlist I recently created a playlist of songs I consider my best. Still…

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Encore! by Hervé Senni on Shazam

Encore is getting some love on Shazam The song is from my old album Strat Me…

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The Hate Team

Virtual Band: The Hate Team – Virtual Band N°1

The A Team is dead, long live the Hate Team!!!! I was working on a new…

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Here Come the Guns

Here Come The Guns – All-fifths Lineup

Here Come The Guns This is my latest single. It is an exerpt from my virtual…

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Hervé Senni

Bari Bust – The A Team

Bari Bust Is Out Bari Bust is the second single of the A-team Project. The song…

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Jumping Fleas – Electric Tenor Ukulele with metal Sound – Herve Senni Virtual Band N°1: The A-Team

Jumping Fleas is a single release of the virtual band N°1: The A-team This song features…

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Mahalo - Hervé Senni Album

Mahalo – Hervé Senni instrumental album

Mahalo – Hervé Senni Album availbale in Streaming Mahalo is the latest Hervé Senni Album available…

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herve senni galaxy drops

Hervé Senni – Galaxy drop Album

Galaxy Drop – Latest Hervé Senni album Galaxy Drop is the latest Hervé Senni album featuring…

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Seven Brunette – Senni Music @ Spotify

Seven Brunette is taken right from my musician membership at Spotify You can stream my tracks…

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Ouverture – Senni Music @ Spotify

Ouverture is taken through my personal performer membership at Spotify You may stream my audio tracks…

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