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About me:

You will find through ten albums publicized on the internet in many different music styles, right from jazz like to rock and all sorts of things somewhere between. I’m definitely enthusiastic about progressive rock in addition to fusion music with a enthusiasm for funk and big grooves. I am not necessarily jammed in a exclusive style of music.

I am an open-minded performer. I think you can perform magnificent songs with every sorts of music accessible. There are primarily two styles of music: the good one and the bad one. I personally play with my spirit, and I don’t attempt to stay with a style or make an impression on using my chops.

I just play what comes out of my mind. If I love it, I post it. I actually attempt to preserve every single lp pursuing the idea to create an total concord, unanimity. A few of my lps are delicate, many are jazz; many are heavy. It’s for you to decide. What you would like to listen to in accordance with your mood.

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