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About me:

There are throughout 10 lps circulating on the web in many music styles, from jazz to rock and every thing in between. I am certainly keen on progressive rock in addition to fusion music which includes a interest for funk and massive grooves. I’m not blocked within a special style of music.

I am an open-minded artist. I presume you can perform impressive music with every sorts of music out there. There are no more than two different types of music: the good one and the bad one. I play with my heart and soul, and i also don’t aim to remain focussed on a style or make an impression on with my chops.

I simply perform what comes out of my mind. If I like it, I release it. I actually attempt to preserve each and every cd using a idea to have an overall unity. A few of my cds are delicate, some are jazz like; some are heavy. It’s up to you. What you wish to listen to dependant on your day.

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Track duration :05:44 

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