The Green Monster

The green monster is my fourth album. It holds nine original compositions based on electro grooves and Indian percussions.

It is a new approach for me. I always wanted to use electro grooves, especially Jungle beat, and drum & bass. I forever loved the hypnotical rhythm of those patterns. The only thing I never liked about electro music is the never ending two bars patterns looping forever.

I focused a lot on bass playing. In some songs, the bass line is upfront. I loved finding bassline that fit perfectly with the electro groove. The Indian percussions coming from the EZ drummer plugin render a unique sound and blends perfectly with the electro drum patterns.

That original approach influenced me a lot. It was tailor made to feature my custom fretless guitar as well as my 12 strings Stratocaster. I used many of the guitars I built, but I insisted on using some of them often to create a group sound that gives unicity to the album.

The Green Monster

The album is distributed by Distrokid and is, therefore, available on most streaming and downloadable platforms.

Here are the embed versions of my album on Deezer and Spotify. You need to have an account at those websites to listen to the full album length. Registering on desktop or laptop is free, but there’s a small monthly fee if you want to use their services on a cell phone.



Links to streaming or download sites



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