No Guitar Allowed!!!

No Guitar Allowed!!! Vol 1

No Guitar Allowed!!! Vol 1 is an album featuring my work on all the Non-guitar I’ve built or own. I have developed my playing using a mandolin, mandola, mandocello, ukulele, acoustic and electric, as well as Ubass and Irish bouzouki.

All the songs on this album are using a mix of those instruments. There’s only one song that features a regular guitar, but I use it tuned in open G, and I play it with a bottleneck. That’s why it was accepted on this album.

Most of the bass parts are performed with my Ubass. On some songs, I used my beloved squier 6 strings bass, tuned like a guitar.

The huge advantage of using those instruments instead of overdubbing guitars is the ease of mixing. Each of them operating in different ranges eliminates clashing frequencies. Songs were straightforward to mix, and you can ear each track distinctly.

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