Strat Me Up

Strat Me Up features 14 original songs recorded in my studio in 2015.
Strat Me Up is an instrumental rock album. You can hear funk rock, heavier rock, and progressive rock type of songs using all sort of different guitars, effect, and influences. I composed some of the songs over the years although I created other ones during the recording session.

The difference of approach in writing varies a lot depending on the numbers. Older tunes were written using a traditional technique of writing using music sheets whereas new songs were created using an intuitive approach to composing based on grooves and loops.

Needless to say, those different approaches render a different outcome. Traditionally composed songs sound more academic, more structured and more elaborated although tunes composed using a more modern approach sound more groovy, straight to the point, using simpler structure and harmony.

Strat Me Up is distributed by Distrokid and, therefore, is available at most online music shops. You can listen to the full album in streaming for free or download it for a small fee if you want to listen to it offline.

Strat Me Up album URLs

Strat Me Up on Spotify

Strat Me Up on Deezer

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