Testing Distrovid New video service from Distrokid

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Testing Distrovid $99/yr. – brand-new service from Distrokid

Distovid is a brand-new service that publishes your music videos and monetizes them on 5 platforms. 

You can only upload one song per video, only your own music. If you want to publish covers, you must have written permission from the composer.

I just signed up to Distrovid the day after I signed up to Repost by SoundCloud. Check the article

Here is the list of sites your video is going to be published on:

  • Apple Music
  • Amazon
  • Tidal
  • Vevo
  • DistroVid Gallery (🎉 coming soon!)

It can take up to 5 days for the videos to be live. Up to now, the videos I uploaded are either in processing or analyzing mode. 

Distrovid Admin

I am waiting for my Vevo page. So, I decided to stop uploading videos until I got access to the Vevo page because I could not edit the uploaded videos. I am afraid I have to erase them and reupload them again to select the Vevo personal URL.

Six days later

On 20/07/22, my videos have the status of Sent to streaming services.

Two of my clips got rejected because they do not allow promotional videos showing only the art cover or slideshows. You must submit real videos of yourself playing or make a video using copyright-free images mixed with slideshows or any clip of you.

I finished uploading my videos. Some of them got rejected because Streaming services only accept frame rates larger than 23.976 fps

The solution to this problem

They were old videos, done with old software. I simply opened the video in Wondershare Filmora, my video software, changed the resolution to 1920×1080, and exported it. Problem solved; the new version of the video was accepted.

On 07/27/22

Two of my videos got rejected because: “Music videos must not contain chyrons, static or scrolling lyrics, lower-third graphics, subtitles, or lyrics displayed as subtitles.”

Chyrons: “Lower third, television graphics that occupy the lower area of the screen or any predominantly text-based video graphic as used mainly by television news broadcasts.” – Wikipedia

So, no texts on the video, like the site URL… I wonder if we can use titles for the song?

How many videos will they accept because most of my videos have texts? I do not have the files for the old videos anymore, so I cannot edit them.

Here are the rules on the submit video page:

08/01/22 Nothing has changed… Until I find

All my videos have the “Sent to streaming services” status, except the two rejected.

Finally, all the videos are live on VEVO, Apple Music, and Tidal; only Amazon is missing. The admin is so limited that you have to google for your videos.

That’s what I just did.

VEVO Channel

I found my VEVO videos by accident. I was searching for a video of mine on YouTube, and I got VEVO in my results. All the videos uploaded are available on the VEVO YouTube channel.

>>> HervSenniVEVO <<<

VEVO is a music YouTube channel. They are releasing legal quality music videos.
My channel is HervSenniVEVO. Same as ShakiraVEVO, but with different incomes. Lol (ShakiraVEVO being the number one Vevo channel).

It’s the same principle as YouTube Topic. However, the videos must be real instead of simply having an art cover video content. Because of that, the channel should bring more plays than YT Topic because videos are much better.

>>>HervéSenniTopic <<<

Apple Music Videos

I discovered my videos on my Hervé Senni Apple Music page. It’s at the footer of the main page and owns a page of its own.

>>> Hervé Senni Apple Music Videos <<<

Amazon Video

Nothing appears on Amazon. Only two thumbs of the same video, but ordered in the MP3 category, and links are dead.


They are also listed at Tidal, but to view them or to get the URL is impossible. I have to obtain a paying account to listen to anything. It’s only free to log in. lol

>>> Hervé Senni Tidal Page <<<

DistroVid Gallery

This one is MIA as of now.


Everything is set. The only missing function is DistroVid Gallery.

To sum it up

99$/year to be published on 4, possibly 5 video sites is costly. Amazon videos are not working. On 08/12/22, I still have the two broken pics ordered in the wrong category.

Vevo is just a YouTube page, not a new website, and I don’t expect to cover the fee with the type of traffic those services generate. Also, Distrovid is a new website. Let’s see how it evolves. As of now, it’s not an interesting offer, and I suggest you wait.

For 99$, you get:

  • a Youtube Page
  • Videos added to your Apple Music page
  • Videos are added to your Tidal page, but only paying members can access the video player
  • Amazon is broken
  • Distrovid Gallery doesn’t exist

For me, 3 “sites.” 

1 YouTube page and two artist pages have been updated. Considering the money I was already making with Tidal & Apple Music with my 14 albums, I don’t expect to make more than 5$ a year, everything included. I give them one year, and I won’t renew my account if they don’t upgrade the site.

I’ll update this article whenever they add the DistroVid Gallery or any new function to the offer.

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