Pop Rock Lifestyle Album – Instrumental Music by Hervé Senni

Pop Rock Music – Instrumental Music Collection The album Lifestyle regrous13 original instrumental pieces composed and interpreted by the multi-instrumentalist Hervé Senni.

It’s his seventh album he’s been distributing over the past two years.

Lifestyle is more accessible and easy to listen than the first six albums. It is a bright rock pop that offers a peaceful and bluesy mood.

The tunes picked for this album were designed to be… Continue reading


Backyard regroups a collection of ten original songs exploring the electro-jazz and funk-jazz styles.

These songs were first intended to be on sale on music licensing websites. And they are. If you want to use them on your project, you can buy them following this link. But after uploading a huge batch of songs, I decided to regroup the ones that fit well together and to create an Electro-jazz album.

All the songs have been composed and produced fast. in… Continue reading

Keep It Simple

My 5th album Keep It Simple Is Out. You can listen to it for free on most streaming platforms such as Deezer, Spotify, Rdio, etc. You can also download it for a small amount of money from sites such as Itunes, Google Plays, Amazon, Microsoft Groove, etc.

That album features a compilation of pieces in the styles of new Orleans and west coast rhythms. Magnus Brandell from performs all the drum parts. I played all guitars and bass, and… Continue reading

The Green Monster

The green monster is my fourth album. It holds nine original compositions based on electro grooves and Indian percussions.

It is a new approach for me. I always wanted to use electro grooves, especially Jungle beat, and drum & bass. I forever loved the hypnotical rhythm of those patterns. The only thing I never liked about electro music is the never ending two bars patterns looping forever.

I focused a lot on bass playing. In some songs, the bass line… Continue reading

Positive Grooves

My third album “Positive Grooves” is available on streaming and download websites.

The musical concept of this album is entirely different from the two others. I decided to explore a different approach to composition.

The focus is on melody and grooves. The guitar solos are always minimal on purpose. The counter melody is more important and upfront. The guitar solo is used as a background, and therefore simpler.

I also used warmer, and less aggressive guitar sounds and orchestrations are… Continue reading

Strat Me Up

Strat Me Up features 14 original songs recorded in my studio in 2015. Strat Me Up is an instrumental rock album. You can hear funk rock, heavier rock, and progressive rock type of songs using all sort of different guitars, effect, and influences. I composed some of the songs over the years although I created other ones during the recording session.

The difference of approach in writing varies a lot depending on the numbers. Older tunes were written using a… Continue reading

The Secret Room Sessions

The Secret Room Sessions album sports 13 original compositions recorded in my studio nicknamed the secret room studio, which consequently explains the name of the album.

The Secret Room Sessions album is an instrumental jazz fusion album.

I wrote those songs between 1985 and 2015. I composed most of them for my seven piece fusion band which I was performing with, in Canada and France between 1985 and 2010. I rearranged those pieces to be playable with guitars only.

I… Continue reading

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